/*************************Version 3.0 Patch 6 ********************/
1. Fixed an issue with the message window not saving position correctly.

/*************************Version 3.0 Patch 5 ********************/1. Fixed a CTD (crash to desktop) bug dealing with texture freeing the skin lib and the texture was being loaded by the load thread.
   This is an old bug in ah2 also and would be very rare if it happened, but did to me.

2. Fixed a bug where the "wingman" command would highlight enemies.

3. Fixed a collision bug with vehicles and trees which could have unpredictable results.

4. Flags should now show in the down time dialog box.

5. I believe the primary CTD bug related to bombers should be fixed.

6. Changed size and color of distant airplane dots.

7. Made a change to the DX11 version which should make the text window a little more crisp.

8. The "R", when recording, now appears in the upper left in VR mode, instead of directly above.

11. If a Text Box like the info or hud display is off screen, it is now moved on screen at startup.
    This can happen with screen size changes.

12. Fixed an issue causing the hangar floor to be too bright.

13. Graphic options for VR are now saved independently, and by default VSync, and Environment mapping is none.

14. Made some VR GUI adjustments on min sphere size, at what depth the cursor is drawn.

15. Tool Tips should no longer display if the cursor is hidden.

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