/********************** version 3.02 patch 3************************/
1. Fixed the issue with not being able to click the check boxes at the bottom of the videos.
   This was a generic issue with all controls on the clip board having a slight misalignment with mouse points.

2. Fixed some mislabeling on trees between leaves,  branches, and trunks.

4. Vehicles no longer collide with tree branches.

5. Objects in the Terrain Editor now use the snapped point when being added.

6. Objects can now be place below zero.

7. Fixed an issue with LVT's traveling under bridges.

8. The FOV no longer changes in the CV hangar when using VR. (I.E. clip board is no longer in your face.)

9. Fixed MAN and RPM gauges in F4F4 and FM2 along with needle center on fuel.

10. Added auto pilot indicator to F4F4 and FM2.

/********************** version 3.02 patch 3************************/
1. Move the Anti Alias check box back to where it is supposed to be.

2. Fixed a glitch which was causing some objects to display in strange rotations.

Flight Sim Screen Shots