Version 2.22 Patch 1 Released December 16, 2010

Installing the patch manually

To install the patch manually, you will need to download the correct patch executable file.

WARNING: Failure to install the correct patch will render the game corrupt and require a full download and installation.

Check the current version of the game you have installed by starting the game. In the upper left corner of the opening screen is the version and patch number.

Use the following table to select the correct patch for your game version.

Your Game Version Use the following patch(s) to reach the latest release
Version 2.21 Patch 4 Version 2.21 Patch 4 to Version 2.22 Patch 1 (8.7 MB)
Version 2.22 Patch 0 Version 2.22 Patch 0 to Version 2.22 Patch 1 (2.8 MB)

If your game version is not listed in the above table, then you will either need to allow the game to auto-update itself, or you can download the entire game installation file.

Changes from previous release

Changed how the AA gun moves on the Panther so that it now has the same functionality as the real one did.  The gun rotates 30 degrees left and right on its mount.  To move the mount to a different spot on the pintle, you need to move to gunner position #5 and slew the mount to the desired position.  Jumping back to the #3 gunner position let's you resume firing.  Please note that the pintle rail only covers about 270 degrees as you can see in the 3D model.  We also increased the max elevation and corrected the sight picture and point of impact.

Fixed an issue that caused the G4M's gauges to get blurry when running with a lower max texture size setting.

Fixed a bug that was causing the max g stress sound not to play when it was supposed to.

Fixed an issue that caused you to see a lower level of detail model on the G4M when gunning from one of the formation drones.

The compass on the G4M is now centered and rotates correctly.

Fixed a couple of areas on the G4M where you could see some polygons cut out.

Fixed an issue that caused the calliope on the M4 to always appear when the turret of the M4 was blown off.

Recalibrated Spitfire tachometers.

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