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There are so many World War 2 flight simulators on the market; how do you choose from them all? How can you make an informed decision which one is the best?

This article will help you to make that decision. Follow this simple suggestion and then make the only decision which makes any sense at all.

The overwhelming numbers of flight simulators

Listen, we get it. Do a Google search of World War 2 flight simulators and you will get a couple million hits for that search.


Ask for professional reviews and you will find dozens of articles about which flight sim games to try, which to buy, and which to avoid, but the thing is, they all offer different recommendations. With dozens of World War 2 flight simulators to choose from, is it any wonder the opinions are all over the place with regards to which one is the best?


Go to the individual gaming websites and every single one of them will promise you excitement, challenges, and hours of great entertainment. Every single one of them!


So how, then, do you make your choice?

Take them for a test flight!

Listen, you are making a decision on a game which you will be playing for hundreds of hours. The only way to find the game which offers the excitement and challenge you want is to play the various games and make a decision based on the test flights.

In other words, seek out the games which offer free downloads/free trial periods before committing.

Take Aces High for example.

Aces High is a combat simulator first released to the public in 2000. It is one of the flagships among flight sim games, and after twenty years it is still going strong. One of the things which makes Aces High so appealing to newcomers is the fact that the makers of Aces High, HiTech Creations, offers a purely transparent free two-week download of Aces High for you to enjoy, inspect, and test out.

For two weeks you are able to play Aces High, an exciting MMO game, against gamers from around the world, 24/7 if you want. For two weeks you are able to interact in forums on the Aces High website. You are able to ask your questions to experienced Aces High players. You are able to test out the game, get accustomed to the controls and rules, and take part in actual battles.

Only at the end of that two-week trial period do you make the decision to sign up and pay the monthly fee, or go another direction with another game.

That’s how confident the folks at HiTech Creation are. They are sure that if you play their game, you will become a monthly member, and they step up to the plate with an offer you can’t refuse.

The only way, then, to choose from among the many World War 2 flight simulators: Try them out, for free, before you sign up. And if a game does not offer a free trial period, pass that game by and move on to the next one on the list.

Aces High invites you to try our exciting combat flight simulator. We are that confident!

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