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Free Two Week Trial Download Available

During our current economic times it may seem like nothing in life is free, but HiTech Creations is offering exactly that, a free software download and free two week online trial of its very popular Aces High flight simulator online game. Simply by going to their website at http://www.hitechcreations.com  you can find out what thousands of gamers already know, that Aces High sets the standard for exciting, challenging online flight simulation.

As an added incentive, no financial information or credit card is needed for this free trial download.  Simply check the system requirements for your computer, click on the download link, and you will soon be sitting in your 3D cockpit flying the skies above Europe, the Pacific, or other WWI or WWII locales. Choose from over a hundred aircraft, ground vehicles, or boats and prepare for battle. Play by yourself or join a squadron and compete against hundreds of other gamers.  Coordinate your airstrikes with ground and sea support as you orchestrate your battle plans. Aces High allows you to do that and so much more in this realistic flight simulation.

Once you have become comfortable with the game there are many more downloads that are available. Customized skins for the planes that you choose are a click away as well as a wide variety of terrains. Watch player-created movies for tips on better gaming, or become active in special events that are constantly being held like Scenario Events, Extreme Air Racing, King of the Hill, or Friday Squad Operations.  The many flight simulator downloads are offered to give you the ultimate experience in flight simulation.

The philosophy of HiTech Creations is very simple, to concentrate on one game and make that game the best flight simulator game on the market. With this focused attention to quality and a support staff of experienced professionals, HiTech can offer a flight simulation game that will challenge the most seasoned online competitors.

The Battle of Midway awaits you, or maybe you prefer a dogfight over Europe as your P-51D Mustang does battle with a German Me 163 while tracers light up the sky over Germany.  Can your high speed jet fighter compensate for the maneuverability of your opponent’s aircraft? Can you use the terrain to your advantage? Can you prepare for the next move of your opponents while constantly being aware of the anti-aircraft guns below? Download the free two week simulator trial of Aces High and step back into history for the ride of a lifetime.

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