Flight Simulators

Before we tell you what a combat flight simulator is, we are going to tell you what it isn’t.

What a combat flight simulator is not

A combat flight simulator is not a flight simulator, not in the strictest sense. It does not teach you how to fly a real aircraft, and it certainly does not train you to fly an aircraft into combat.

The confusion arises because there are flight simulators, which are also computer programs, which do simulate actual flying conditions, with actual aircraft controls, which all pilots must become proficient at in order to obtain their pilot’s license.

What a combat flight simulator is

A combat flight simulator, as it applies to the buying public, is a game, one which simulates, or closely replicates, the act of flying an aircraft into combat. It is an online computer game, one which puts players into simulated combat situations, against either the computer or other players, in specific scenarios. Players fly missions and oftentimes gain points for the level of success they have on those missions.

Again, it does not train you in the skill of flying an aircraft. All a player does is fly a simulated aircraft in a simulated game.

Also known as a World War 2 flight simulator

Most combat flight simulators are also World War 2 flight simulators, meaning that the scenarios they offer to their players are World War 2 era scenarios i.e. The Battle of Britain, or Iwo Jima. There are also World War 2 flight simulators, and Vietnam flight simulators, and Korean War flight simulators, but they are few in number compared to the World War 2 flight simulators.

Also known as a flight sim game

In the gaming community, these games are also known as flight sim games, and the players who play them are known as gamers. Most of these flight sim games are also known as MMO games, meaning they are massive, multi-player games, oftentimes offering gaming arenas with hundreds of players from around the world taking part in them. And it is also possible to simply test your skills against the computer and not compete against other players.

A final word about Aces High

Having said all that, it should also be noted that there are dozens of such games on the market, making it a bit confusing for first-time players/buyers to know which of the dozens is right for them.

That is why Aces High offers a free two-week download of our game, giving wannabes an opportunity to play the actual game for a full two weeks, in order to find out if that game is right for them. In our opinion, if a game does not offer a free testing period, it is a game you should skip when it comes time to purchase it. There is no reason to not offer a free trial period, and many reasons why you should offer it, as Aces High does.

Aces High is the product of HiTech Creations, and it has led the way among all combat flight simulators since 2000. For twenty-two years, Aces High as been among the very best in combat flight simulators, and that kind of track record is worth noting.

Strap on your flight helmet, and fly the skies with Aces High.

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