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What is a combat simulator? How difficult is it to learn how to play it, and what is the best way to learn how to play it? We will answer those questions in this article, presented to you by HiTech Creations, the makers of Aces High, one of the leading combat flight simulators for the past twenty-three years. Check out our website, take advantage of our free two-week download, and learn real-time while playing.

Now, let’s answer those questions posed at the beginning of this article

What is a combat simulator?

A combat simulator is generally considered a war-simulating game in which players do combat using aircraft, ground vehicles, and ships. These games are often specific to a particular war, as in a World War 1 combat simulator, or a World War 2 flight simulator, but that is not always the case. Sometimes they are non-specific, and just deal with combat in general using simulated battle situations.

These flight sim games are almost always MMO games, meaning players are involved in combat with other real-time players from around the world, all involved in an arena of their choosing within the game.

How difficult to learn how to play a combat simulator?

Is this type of game difficult to learn how to play? No more difficult that 90% of the online games available. There is, however, a learning curve. You do not start out an expert player. It takes time, and practice, to learn how to play and then to develop skills. Generally speaking, the learning curve flattens out the more you play, and our estimate is that a player can become adequate to proficient within a month of starting the game.

What is the best way to learn how to play a flight sim game?

There are a variety of aids offered by most games which enable a player to learn faster. For our own Aces High, we have hundreds of training video, thousands of articles, various forums where questions can be asked, and even one-on-one instruction from our staff and team of volunteers. All work together to broaden the skill set of any of our new, and experienced, players.

However, and we say this with twenty-three years of experience as game developers, the absolute best way to learn how to play a combat simulator is simply by playing. Once you learn how to operate within the game, we believe the best way to learn is to dive into the arenas, take part in the simulations and battles, take your lumps, and learn by playing. Using this method of learning, the more you play, the better you will be, similar to learning any sport or other skill set.

Will you get blown out of the sky at first? Oh my yes, with regularity, but you will also learn from your playing mistakes, and be a better player for it.

A final word about Aces High.

Twenty-three years and still going strong. Our goal, since we started, was to make one game, and one game only, and make that game the absolute best we could make.

We believe our longevity in this gaming community speaks for itself.

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