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We are late, we know it, but those of us at HiTech Creations, the creators of Aces High flight sim game, want to take a moment to wish you all a Happy Easter.

Here’s the thing about HiTech Creations.

Let’s take you back twenty-three years. Back in 1999, the creators of Aces High were sitting around, as guys will do, and tossing around ideas for a new video game. You can just imagine how that brainstorming session went. It was wild. It was free-thinking, it was strange at times, and it was liberating to think that anything goes and we are capable of creating something special.

When the smoke had cleared, we decided to make one game, a combat simulator, and shortly after that decision, we decided to only make one game, and make that game the absolute best combat simulator on the market. Our feeling then, and our feeling now, is that making more than one game will water down all of our products. It will be a matter of dividing our efforts too much, and we could not allow our professionalism to take a hit like that.

And, so, Aces High was borne, and it remains our one and only creative effort, twenty-three years later.

Where does HiTech Creations go from here?

We continue to go in the same direction we steered towards back in 1999. We still believe the best thing we can do for the gaming community is to make one game, and to make that game the absolute best we can make. That way our customers know that they are receiving our best effort.

We could expand, but why would we?

We ask ourselves this question every single year, and we’ve asked it every year since 1999. We could be like other gaming creators, and flood the market with more games, but in the process, we believe, we would be flooding the market with inferior products, and that simply does not match our mission statement.

In other words, do not look for HiTech Creations to expand anytime soon. We are quite happy with what we are doing, and our longevity in this very competitive market seems to support our belief that we are heading in the right direction.

A final word about HiTech Creations.

Listen, we don’t want to belabor this point. We simply want to say this to our customers: our mission statement, written twenty-three years, is our mission statement today. One product, and one product only, and make that game the best combat flight simulator on the market.

Now, we know, some gamers wonder if it is hard to play Aces High, and our answer is no, no at all, and we will give you all the help you need in training videos, articles, and one-on-one training. But don’t take our word for it. Try our free two-week download of Aces High. Spend two weeks exploring the site. Hang out in our forums. Ask all of your questions, and take part in our special events.

We are willing to bet that after two weeks, you will agree with our mission statement.

Happy Easter to you all!

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