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What is the best combat flight simulator in 2023? We tell you what it is, and our reasons for that assessment, in this article, brought to you by the people at HiTech Creations, for twenty-three years at the forefront of flight simulator games.

How did we determine the best combat flight simulator?

One might think that determining the best combat simulator would be nothing more than determining which game has the best graphics. For sure, graphics are important in order for players to have an outstanding gaming experience. However, we tacked on a few more criteria which we believe are important.

What type of training/learning curve is there with each game? In other words, how quickly can a beginning gamer learn how to play a game. It is our belief that a truly great game should not only be fairly easy to learn, but should be backed up by a support staff who will help players at every turn.

Longevity is also, we believe, important. How long has a company been making a particular game? New games are nice, but it is our experience that it takes several years to work the kinks out of a new system.

Finally, how devoted is the company to that particular game? If a gaming company makes multiple games, we wonder just how much of their creative attention is going into their combat simulator.

With those criteria as our guide, here is our winner for 2023.

Our clear-cut winner of best combat flight simulator.

Our clear-cut winner for 2023 is Aces High, and here are the reasons why.

Aces High has been among the leaders in this gaming genre since its inception in 2000. In other words, for twenty-three years this game has been tweaked and refined until it stands alone as a commitment to quality.

How long to learn Aces High? The Aces High website features hundreds of articles, hundreds of training videos, more forums than you could ever hope for and, something fairly unique to the gaming world, one-on-one training if requested.

Multiple games? Not with Aces High. It is the only game made by the parent company, and it will remain the only game made by that company.

Add it all together you have our winner for 2023 . . . Aces High!

What the future looks like for Aces High.

Would you want to bet against a game which has been around for twenty-three years, and continues to lead the pack with an outstanding value? Aces High will remain the only game made by its parent company, which was the plan all along since 2000. The future looks very bright indeed for Aces High.

A final word about Aces High.

Also unique in the gaming world, Aces High offers a free two-week download of Aces High, no credit card required, so you can have full access to this incredible game at no cost. Take it for a test drive. See how it handles the curves and straight-aways. We think that after that two-week trial, you will agree with our assessment that Aces High rocks the flight simulator gaming world.

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