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Listen, whether you are a beginning gamer, or an experienced player, when you start playing a new game, like a combat simulator, there will be a learning curve. How small that learning curve is depends upon your gaming skill, of course, but it also depends upon the amount of assistance offered by those who created and manage the flight simulator you are playing.

Which leads us to this question: does your combat simulator offer enough assistance?

What kinds of assistance should you expect with a combat simulator?

We are going to tell you what kind of assistance you will receive when you play our game, Aces High. Since our assistance program is the best in the industry, you can gauge other games using Aces High as the standard.

Anything less than that is inadequate.

It begins with a FAQ section on the website. Chances are, since this is a section containing the questions most-often asked, your question will be in that section.

But what if it isn’t?

Next, we turn your attention to our forums. There you will find a forum on practically every possible topic related to a flight sim game, and in particular Aces High. We have staff and volunteers constantly monitoring the forums, so your answer to your question is never more than a mouse click away.

What’s next? Training videos, and we are talking hundreds of them, with more made each month, training videos on every aspect of our flight sim game, from take-offs to landings to how to choose an aircraft to how to do complicated maneuvers while competing. We leave no aspect of our game uncovered.

And finally, what’s after all of that? For those who learn best by reading, we have again covered all of the bases with, literally, hundreds of articles again on every aspect of this flight simulator we lovingly call Aces High.

But, we sort of fibbed a bit. There is one more way we give assistance to players learning how to play Aces High, and that is, wait for it, one-on-one tutoring, upon request, and that puts us in pretty rarified air. Not many games offer that sort of person-to-person tutoring, but we are proud to do so, and our players greatly appreciate this personalized treatment.

And that, finally, are all the ways our combat flight simulator, Aces High, is made easy for those just starting out with our game. Like we said, this is the standard by which all others should be judged.

A final word about Aces High flight sim game.

Twenty-three years ago, back when we were much younger, we wrote down a mission statement. Basically, that mission statement said that we were only going to make one combat flight simulator, and we were going to make it the best combat flight simulator on the market.

And here we are, twenty-three years later, still making just one game, Aces High, and feeling pretty confident in saying that it is, indeed, the best on the market.

No brag, just fact!

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