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This question, about flight sim games in general, is one of the most often asked. People want to know, if they lay down their hard-earned cash, if they will get what is promised by the game creators, and we believe it is a fair question.

With that in mind, we will answer that question regarding our own flight sim game, Aces High.

What does Aces High flight sim game cost?

Flight sim games can either be purchased over the counter, a one-time fee, just like buying a loaf of bread at the supermarket. In this case, the price will differ wildly, from discount games for $20, to very popular games, which can cost over $100. In many cases, that is all you will pay. In some cases, there may be other addons you will need to purchase but you will only learn about after you purchase.

For games like Aces High, computer games, you will pay per month, with no length of contract, and each month, for our combat simulator, costs $14.95 per month. For other games, we suggest you do some research, because the prices vary, just as they do for any subscription cost for any product.

What you get when you buy Aces High flight sim game.

We can only speak with authority about our game, so let’s proceed with that information. When you purchase Aces High for a month, you get unlimited access to our game for that month. You can play the game 24/7 during that month. You have access to our film library, to our forums, and to our articles. You can arrange for one-on-one tutoring from one of our staff. You can participate in contests. And you are under no obligation to continue after one month if you choose not to.

In addition, you can take advantage of our free two-week download, so that first month of purchase starts after you have already played the game, for free, for a full two weeks.

We believe this is the best offer in this gaming genre. You are welcome to investigate for yourself, but we are pretty close to what’s happening in flight sim gaming, and we think our offer is as good as it gets.

Is it worth it to you?

There is no way for us to answer this question. We have no idea what you value, what your particular situation is, none of that pertinent information. All we can say is if you enjoy gaming, and you want the best deal you can find among combat flight simulators, then Aces High should be your first and only visit.

A final word about Aces High.

We will leave you with this piece of information. Twenty-three years ago, we created Aces High with two goals in mind: to only produce one game, a combat simulator, and to put all of our effort into making that game the absolute best flight sim game on the market.

Twenty-three years later, we believe we have delivered on that promise.

Strap on your helmet and fly the skies with Aces High. We would love to have you join our flight team.

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