Flight Simulators

The quick answer to this question about free combat flight simulators is a resounding YES!

The detailed answer to that question will be presented, to you, in this article by HiTech Creations, makers of Aces High combat simulator.

Read on for more information.

Free online combat flight simulators available now.

The good news is yes, there are quite a few free combat flight simulators available online. It truly is as simple as doing a Google search of free online games; once you do that, you will have your choice of multiple options. Most require very little in the way of system requirements; most laptops sold today are quite capable of operating well with these free games.

What you get with a free combat simulator.

What you get with these free flight sim games is pretty much what you would expect. These are very basic games with limited graphics and limited options. The reaction time is generally not fast, the options in play mode are few, and skills needed are minimum.

Having said that, these free online games are a great way to introduce yourself to the online gaming world, and to learn the basics about playing a combat flight simulator. They are not MMO games; you are strictly playing against the game, but still, they are a great introduction.

A free two-week download of a great game.

And then we offer an alternative for you to try, namely our own Aces High, the best of both worlds, free and pay for play. We offer a free two-week download of our game, which means that for a full two weeks, you will have full access to our game, to our forums, to our training videos, to the whole shooting match of information. You will play against other players in our MMO game, play with other players as you form squadrons . . . do everything our paying customers can do, all for free, all for two weeks, and all with no obligation to continue after the two weeks. In fact, we don’t even ask you for a credit card before you download our game. You just log on, download, and play!

This, of course, is a huge offering, and gives you more than enough time to learn how to play our game so that, should you decide to become a paying member of our community after the two week trial, you will have the skills to hit the ground running as an experienced player.

Pay a little for outstanding quality with Aces High.

For our paying members, Aces High costs $14.95 per month, an extremely low amount when you consider that Aces High has been produced since 2000, twenty-three years of experience, a long time for any game to remain exciting in this very competitive field.

So, here’s what you do: download Aces High. Play for two weeks. Find out why our game has been among the leaders for twenty-three years. Then sign up and become a paying member of our Aces High flight team. We would love to have you flying on our team.

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