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A combat simulator, by definition, is supposed to imitate actual combat. This is, of course, accomplished to certain levels of success by various combat flight simulators on the market.

So, how does Aces High do at replicating actual combat?

We answer that question in this article. For the ultimate in flight sim gaming action, give Aces High a try. Twenty-three years of leading the way in combat flight simulator production means a great deal, and we are going to talk about that “great deal” right now.

Aces High rules the sky for twenty-three years.

Think about how competitive the gaming market is. Think about how many combat games have been available to the public and are available to the public today. Easily hundreds, correct? Now think about how many of those games have been around since the early days of computer, online gaming? We quickly lose most of that group of hundreds; now we are only talking about a dozen or so.

Longevity in a highly competitive market speaks volumes about a product. Gamers want action. Gamers want to feel like they are in that action, and if they do not feel that they will quickly move on to the next combat simulator which promises them action.

And yet, Aces High has been selling for twenty-three years!

There is nothing more to be said about that.

Aces High continues to improve the product.

Twenty-three years . . . it would be one thing if we created our game, back in 2000, and then just kept cranking out the same model year after year. But we continue to introduce new versions of our game, tweaking and improving and finding new ways to make our World War 2 flight sim even better. And why would we do that, if we have been so wildly popular over the years? Because that’s what we do at HiTech Creations. Twenty-three years ago, we wrote down our mission statement, and that mission statement stated simply that our goal was to produce one game, and one game only, and to make that game the absolute best on the market.

And that mission statement still hangs on our wall today.

What does Aces High offer?

Aces High is a MMO game, pitting you against the best flight simulator players in the world, 24/7, 365. You control the action with your aircraft, ships, and ground vehicles. You work in a squadron or you work as a lone wolf, flying the skies in search of the enemy, planning out mission, accomplishing those missions, and returning to your home base for a shower and a tall, cold one.

Try Aces High for free!

If it all sounds too good to be true, find out for yourself, but do it for free. We offer a free two-week download of Aces High, no credit card required. And why would we do that? We want you to see for yourself just how cool our game is, and we are very confident that once you do, you will sign up and be a regular competitor.

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