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We are asked this question about our flight sim game quite often, so today we will tackle that question head-on.

Do we have a beginner’s guide for our exciting combat simulator, Aces High?

Read on to find out the answer to that question.

The quick answer is no!

If you are looking for a pdf which details step-by-step how to play Aces High, your search will net you nothing. That pdf instruction page does not exist. There are some independent instruction pages created by current and former players, but a how-to page created by the Aces High management team will not be found online.

The more important answer is, we think, more important.

Having burst that bubble, it is now time to tell you that there is no way we would leave you high and dry, searching aimlessly for answers about how our game is played. We would not have twenty-three years of success if we didn’t help our beginners to learn the ropes at Aces High.

To help players learn our combat flight simulator quickly, we offer several aids, one of which are the forums. There you can join in on helpful discussions about all facets of our Aces High game.

Another helpful aid are the instruction videos we offer, created by our dedicated staff and team of volunteers, people who have extensive experience and can pass that experience on to you in an easy-to-understand film format.

Do you learn by reading articles? Aces High, in the blog section, has hundreds of articles tackling all things Aces High. We also have a FAQs section where the most common questions are asked and answered.

Finally, if you are still having trouble with your transition to active player, we offer one-on-one instruction upon request, and invaluable tool which helps players immediately.

And, lest we forget, we offer a free two-week download of Aces High, so that you can actually learn the game, at no cost to you, during that free trial period. This is like taking a college course in gaming and not paying a penny for the course, and everyone knows, the best teacher in gaming is actual playing time.

So, do we have a beginner’s guide for Aces High? The answer is no, we don’t, but we believe we have something much, much better. Try it yourself, for free, and become a confident player before you pay any money on our game.

A final word about Aces High.

Back in 1999, the staff and management of Aces High sat down and wrote out a mission statement. That statement basically promised to make one game and one game only, Aces High, and to make that game the absolute best combat simulator on the market.

Twenty-three years later, we can tell you that our mission statement has not changed, and we continue to seek our goal, the present the absolute best flight simulator game on the market.

We believe our track record speaks for itself, and we invite you to try our game, for free, and find out for yourself just how much fun Aces High really is.

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