Flight Simulators

Question: Can you name the flight sim games which have been in existence for at least twenty-three years? Better question: Can you name any games, no matter the genre, which have been in existence and are still relevant to the gaming community since the year 2000?

We don’t have an answer to those questions, but we suspect the answer to the first is less than five, and we suspect the answer to the second question is less than twenty-five.

And our own Aces High is one of them!

What is Aces High flight sim game?

Aces High is a multi-player, interactive combat flight simulator, or war game, if you prefer. It is also referred to as a flight sim game, a flight simulator (although that term is a bit misleading), and a combat simulator. No matter what you call it, the game involved players choosing “battle arenas,” where they control aircraft, ships, and ground vehicles as they take part in a mission. Most flight sim games occur in a particular time period. For example, Aces High is a World War 2 flight simulator. All of our aircraft are “replicas” of actual aircraft flown in World War Two.

You log on, choose your arena, and then take part in missions/battles which have a number of other players from around the world.

And that, in a nutshell, is Aces High flight sim game.

The Aces High flight sim mission statement.

In 1999, our founders sat down and wrote out a mission statement, and that mission statement said that they would create only one online game, and place all of their efforts into making that game, Aces High, the best of the flight sim genre.

Twenty-three years later and that is still our goal, and that speaks volumes about the dedication of purpose behind our game.

Don’t take our word for how good our game is.

So far, all you have done is read our words and taken our word for it. We want to cut through any skepticism you may have, and allow you a chance to find out for yourself just how good Aces High is . . . but . . . we don’t want you to do that on your dime, so we offer a free two-week download of Aces High as our gift to you, a free trial period where you don’t pay a dime and we don’t even ask for any credit card information. During this two-week trial period, you have full access to our game, to the arenas, to the forums, the videos, the articles, the whole shootin’ match. If you have questions about how to play, there will be someone there to help you, even though you are playing for free.

And, why would we do that?

We think the answer is obvious. We are supremely confident in our game, and we are betting that once you try it you will sign on for good.

A final word about Aces High.

One game and one game only . . . for twenty-three years! We are literally being played by the children of our first generation of customers, and we think that is ultra cool. Give us a try. Download Aces High today and find out for yourself why this game has stood the test of time.

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