Flight Simulators

So you have a hankerin’ to try a flight simulator game. You have heard all the buzz about them, your friends are telling you that you just have to try one, and now you don’t know which free download to try. Well, there are some criteria you might consider before you start the download process.

You should probably start with the basic question: does your computer have the capabilities to handle the free download? When you go online you are going to see download requirements that look something like the one below:

Game Requirements



Operating System




1.8GHz Pentium 4

2Ghz Intel Core 2, or faster

System RAM/Memory



Video Card

DirectX 9 compatible
with 64MB of RAM2

DirectX 9 compatible
with 256MB of RAM

Input Devices

Keyboard and Mouse3

Keyboard, Mouse, and

Internet Connection

Modem dial-up

Broadband land based4


1) Depending on the configuration of the Vista/Windows 7 operating system it could be desirable to have a minimum of 1.5GB of RAM, and a recommended of 2GB of RAM in your computer.
2) Generally speaking, many onboard video chips may not meet the hardware standards to operate the game. It is normally better to go with an AGP/PCI-E based video card as opposed to a built-in video chip.
3) The game is generally easier and more fun to play when a joystick is available.
4) Satellite connections to the game have latencies which make it difficult to do anything real time.

Once you have passed that test you might next ask how long the free trial is and what is needed in order to experience the free flight simulator download. For example, Aces High has a two-week free flight sim download and no credit card is required.

Next, if you are a novice player, you will be seeking help. Will the gaming website give you some much-needed assistance while playing. Again, if they are a quality gaming site, the answer is a resounding yes. Aces High offers training by a team of dedicated volunteers who are there at your calling to help with training.

And if you decide to go this route and eventually pay for the service, what do they have to offer? In other words, does the game offer options, changes, and variables so that the game is constantly giving new challenges? Again, using our example of Aces High, the variables are seemingly endless. Different arenas, hundreds of planes, vehicles, and boats to choose from, and new offerings make Aces High a wonderful choice.

So check out their website at www.hitechcreations.com and try their free two week downloadable flight simulator game and experience thrills and excitement you never thought possible online.

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