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As much as we love the fact that thousands of gamers play our flight sim game, Aces High, we would be remiss if we did not toss out this suggestion: Find balance in your life. Gaming isn’t everything.

Odd thing for a gaming company to say, but it’s how we fee.

Our gaming history.

We started developing Aces High back in 1999. Actually, the idea for the combat simulator entered our brains in 1998, but it took us a year to go from idea to action.

Our goal when developing the game, and our mission statement reflects it, was to produce one game, and one game only, and to make that game the absolute best combat flight simulator on the market.

We have not deviated from that mission statement, twenty-three years and going strong, thank you very much, and we do mean that, thank you, for supporting our efforts for so long.

Firmly entrenched in the gaming industry.

It’s not all that common, you know, for an online game to be popular and successful for so long. During our twenty-three years, we have seen quite a few “flash in the pan” one year success stories, but they and many like them flamed out fairly quickly. So yes, twenty-three years is a long time to be successful, and we are very grateful for that . . . but with that success comes responsibility, to the industry and to our customers, and that is the reason for this article.

It’s about more than subscriptions.

We have all heard the stories and reports about people being addicted to gaming, hiding away in dark bedrooms, drapes pulled, gaming away for fifteen, sixteen hours or more, and we have to tell you, that simply is not healthy. As much as we love the fact that people love our game, we in no way want those subscribers to play beyond healthy time limits. Moderation is needed, when playing a computer game, when exercising, when eating, when doing anything in life. Any doctor worth the cost of an office visit will tell you the same thing: Find balance in your lives!

Yes, we love the fact that you all love our combat flight simulator so much. Just don’t love it so much that you ignore the other fantastic things there are to do in life. We will always be here when you need an adrenaline rush. We are online 24/7, the action never stops, and you will always be welcome. Just make sure you get outside for some exercise, okay?

A final word about Aces High.

Twenty-three years . . . Aces High has been rocking the flight sim game industry for almost two generations, and that is, to us, mind-blowing. Yes, we hoped our game would be popular and successful, but honestly we never dreamed it would be this popular and successful.

Thank you for showing two computer nerds that dreams really do come true. We invite you to give Aces High a try. We offer a free two-week download so you can try out our game at no cost.

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