Flight Simulators

That’s what it’s all about with a combat simulator, right? Finding the most realistic, the one which makes you most feel like you are actually in the cockpit of a fighter jet, in mortal combat with the enemy, that’s the goal, correct?

This article should help you in your search. We are HiTech Creations, the developers of Aces High, rocking the online gaming world with our flight sim game for twenty-four years. We’ve learned a few things over the years, and in this article we will share some of what we’ve learned about realistic combat simulators.

Insider secret: we all have access to the same technology.

Here’s the thing most people fail to comprehend and appreciate about the combat flight simulator industry: we all have outstanding and brilliant programmers. We all have access to the same technology, and we all are highly skilled in making that technology work for us. The difference between any two games is really a matter of tweaking that technology, making minor changes to existing techniques so that the results are slightly different. It’s not that the programmers of one game are smarter than the programmers of another game; it’s that they approach the gaming programming in a slightly different way.

How good is the game? Look at the track record!

Go online right now and you can find articles which claim “The Five Best Flight Sim Games,” or “The Ten Best Combat Flight Simulators On The Market 2024.” And those articles are well-written, and they are written by gamers, but they are also purely subjective. Such is the nature of gaming, the reason why millions of gamers prefer one game over another; there is something about a particular game which appeals to a specific player, and that is true of every combat simulator game produced today.

How good is a game? Look at its history. How long has it been successful in a very competitive market? These games come and go. The turnover rate is horrendous, and the roadway is littered by games which started out strong and then fell by the wayside.

Check out the ones which have withstood the test of time. There is a very good reason why some games have been successful for ten, fifteen, twenty years, and that is reason is a simple one: Because the game is good.

When in doubt, play it before you buy it.

When all else fails, and you still aren’t sure which one to purchase/subscribe to, we suggest you take them out for a test drive. We offer a free two-week download of Aces High, exactly for that reason. To our way of thinking, every game should offer a free trial. If their game is a good one, this is their chance to show that; in fact, it is curious to us why all games don’t make that offer. What are they hiding? What don’t they want you to know?

A final word about Aces High and HiTech Creations.

Twenty-four years ago we set out to make one game, and one game only, and we wanted that game to be the best combat simulator on the market.

We are still going strong, twenty-four years later. Strap on your flight helmet and fly the skies with Aces High.

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