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This article is about the Player with the callsign forHIM

Personal Data[edit]

  • Year of Birth: 1971
  • Gender: male
  • Country: United States of America
  • State: Minnesota
  • City: St. Michael
  • Occupation: Systems Engineer specializing in Infrastructure Support (Unix & Storage related)
  • Interests: Wife & many children, God, Computers and computer games.

Pilot Data[edit]

  • Callsign: forHIM
  • Previous Callsign(s): dfl8rms
  • Squad: 332nd Flying Mongrels since 2002
  • Previous Squad(s): FWOS (flying whirlpool of suck)
  • Preferred Planes:Yak-9U, A-20G
  • AH since: 2001
  • AH CM Team since: 2005

About forHIM[edit]

In early 2001 I was working as a consultant at one of the northern twin cities companies who had outsourced their IT dept. A collegue of mine who was a real life private pilot started talking about the fun he was having in this thing called Aces High. Eventually through his discussion of the flight characteristics, fun shooting down other live oppenents, etc. he had four or five of us up and flying the game with him. We started the FWOS squadron after one of the top executives in the company stated in a all hands meeting that something or other was a whirlpool of suck. We found it funny and spot on for us. I flew with them for about a year until I decided to take a break. When I came back about three months later I hooked up with Daddog and the 332nd Flying Mongrels and have been their ever since.

My work within the squad and with the CM team consists of building and maintaining the website(s) for the squad and In addition to maintaining and enhancing the the look and feel of the site, I've either created or adjusted a number of php / mysql applications the CM team uses. I would like to thank Puck, Gremlin, and those who worked on the special events web site prior to me for providing a rich environment to continue to maintain and enhance.

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