September 2, 2008

Main Arena Tour 103 Completed

Kudos to the top pilots of Tour 103. Early, Mid, and Late War Tour 104 has now begun.
----->Late War
Top Overall Ranking – Bruv119, runner-up SHawk
Top Fighter Ranking – Steve, runner-up Bruv119
Top Bomber Ranking – kelsch88, runner-up SHawk
Top Attack Ranking – Snailman, runner-up SHawk
Top Vehicle Ranking – Bruv119, runner-up Baitman

----->Mid War
Top Overall Ranking – Dextur, runner-up RS59
Top Fighter Ranking – 8313jbx, runner-up Strict9
Top Bomber Ranking – Dextur, runner-up RS59
Top Attack Ranking – Banshee7 runner-up Dextur
Top Vehicle Ranking – WWhiskey, runner-up rawwdog

----->Early War
Top Overall Ranking – sparkplg, runner-up Jackeroo
Top Fighter Ranking – sparkplg, runner-up Jackeroo
Top Bomber Ranking – sparkplg, runner-up Jackeroo
Top Attack Ranking – Barrron, runner-up sparkplg
Top Vehicle Ranking – sparkplg, runner-up Jackeroo

September 9, 2008

Aces High Game News

You may now change your game ID from within the game! In order to do so, you must be online and connected to any of our online arenas to proceed. You may also check to see if a game ID is available by using the radio dot command ".test id gameid", where "gameid" is the ID you wish to check for availability.

1) From the tower, bring up the clip board and select the "O'Club" option.

2) Then select the "Change Game ID" option. Type in the game ID you want to change to. If the game ID is available, a warning box will pop up notifying you of the ramifications of changing your game ID.

3) If the game is already taken, a warning box indicating as such, will pop up.

Please note, the following conditions.

If you are muted or have lost your chat/voice priveleges, then you will not be able to change your game ID.

You can only change your game ID once every thirty days.

September 12, 2008

Aces High Bits and Pieces

When we announced the ability to allow you to change your game ID, we inadvertently left out the notification about cleaning up the game ID database and releasing all ID's which were in non-active accounts.

As many of you may be aware, Hurricane Ike is bearing down on Texas. It is quite possible for this storm to have an impact on HiTech Creations . There is the possibility of extended power outages, causing problems, as well as general communications being affected. Down times are not out of the question. We will do what we can to minimize this, but it may not be within our power to avoid these issues.

September 17, 2008

Aces High: Version 2.13 Released

The 2.13 release of Aces High is ready.
Check the information page for more details concerning this release and, optionally, information needed to manually update the game.

As a reminder, if you are running a software firewall, and cannot connect after the patch is installed, you need to re-allow the game back through your firewall.

If you are running Windows Vista, you may need to manually download and install the update or run the game as an administrator for the game auto-updater to work properly.

The high resolution texture package has also been updated. If you are using it, then you must update your texture package as well.

September 24, 2008

Aces High: Login Manager and Game News

This morning we will be transferring the login/game manager to a temporary server while we upgrade the existing server. We expect this to take approximately 15 minutes, providing all goes according to plan.
During the transfer period you will not be able to login into the game nor see any open arenas. We appreciate your patience and will do everything we can to insure this downtime is minimized.

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