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The questions we are asked most often regarding our exciting combat simulator, Aces High, are these: how do we learn how to play a combat simulator online game . . . Is it difficult to learn . . . What is the learning curve . . . How long will it take to learn?

Taking into account that every person who plays a combat simulator has his/her own learning curve, we will attempt to answer that question in this article.

We are HiTech Creations, the makers of Aces High, the leader of the pack in combat simulators. Call us if you have questions about Aces High.

The short answer

The short answer to this question goes something like this: it takes as long as it takes! Every player learns differently. Not all players have a lot of time to devote to learning a game. Some players will play for eight hours, while some can only play for one hour. Some take advantage of the many aids we provide with Aces High (mentioned below), and some try to learn on their own, without aid.

This is one reason why we offer our exciting World War 2 flight simulator for free, and we will say more about that later in this article.

The longer answer

If you really want to speed up your learning process in playing a game like Aces High, you will take advantage of the many learning aids provided.

Take part in the many forums we offer. On those forums, all topics regarding the flight sim game can be found. You simply log on and start asking your questions.

Watch any of hundreds of videos developed by our dedicated team of volunteers and paid staff. We have videos on how to take off. We have videos on how to use your weapons. We have videos on the most basic of stuff and the most complicated of maneuvers, and they are all there for you to watch 24/7.

Read any of the hundreds of articles we have provided about all aspects of Aces High combat flight simulator. You basically have a library of information, at your fingertips, simply by clicking on the articles link, or by typing a search question in the search engine.

Ask questions, ask questions, and then ask more questions. You can even sign up for one-on-one tutoring if that’s the way you rock and roll. We at HiTech Creations are here to help you. We love that you are playing our game, and we want your experience to be the best possible, so our volunteers and staff are ready, around the clock, to answer your questions.

Dive in and learn on the go. Many of our players do this. They just sign up, log on, enter an arena, and learn as they go. It takes longer this way, but it is effective for many.

Try us for free!

And last, but not least, try our free two-week download of Aces High. Play for free, learn at no cost, and then, at the end of two weeks, you will be flying the skies like the ace that you are.

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