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Succinctly stated, if you enjoy playing a combat simulator now, just wait five years. They have the potential to blow your socks off.

We are HiTech Creations, the creators of Aces High, a leading combat flight simulator, and we will share, in this article, what we believe you can expect from a flight sim game in 2028 and beyond.

Combat simulators with greater graphics

If we are talking about a computer game, and we are, then we are talking about improved graphics as time marches on. Technology is advancing almost faster than we can imagine, and with that advancement comes more realistic images on computer apps and games. It is as likely to happen as the sun is likely to rise in the east. In other words, count on it.

Combat simulators with more options at your command.

The only limit placed upon the number of options available with a computer game are the limits associated with the technical capabilities. There is no reason not to expect games to expand in the future, giving players more options. With a flight sim game, it is entirely possible, in the near future, for a player to control two aircraft at once, or multiple aircraft. The capabilities are there; it is now a matter of writing the codes which will allow for games to expand beyond our current understanding.

Coupled with greater internet and processor speeds.

5G to 10G . . .what’s next, 20G? Processing speeds doubling in the next year or so? It is certainly within the possibilities; actually, we would categorize it as a probability. And with those faster internet and processor speeds, faster reaction times will follow, meaning the action will be able to proceed immediately upon the command given. All things being equal, two players with similar computers and similar processors, the player with more skill will be crowned the champion in any battle, which really is as it should be. The advancement in technology will mean the cream will rise to the top with regards to player skills and again, that is as it should be.

How soon will all of these advancements happen? They are happening as we speak, and they are evident in every new release of a combat flight simulator.

Hold onto your seats. It’s going to be a wild ride.

A final word about Aces High.

Dip your toes into the combat simulator community by taking advantage of our free two-week download of Aces High. You will have full access to our game and not have to pay a penny for a full two weeks. If, after that time, you decide that Aces High is not for you, we will wish you well and you can go on your way.

Why does Aces High give the game away for free? Because we are that confident that once you play our flight simulator, you will want more and more.

Strap on your flight helmet and fly the skies of Aces High. We have been the best since 2000, and we have no intention of resting on our laurels.

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