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That is not a misprint in the heading. We mean what we say. Our combat simulator, Aces High, pays players money in our affiliate program, and in this article we will give you all the pertinent information so you can start cashing in. Read on!

What is Aces High combat simulator?

Since 2000, Aces High has been one of the leading combat flight simulator games, otherwise known as a combat simulator, or a flight sim game. It is a MMO game where you enter an arena of your choice and take part in a simulated battle with other players from around the world. You control aircraft, ships, and ground vehicles during the battles, and each battle is generally conducted to simulate a specific war period. For instance, Aces High specializes in World War 2.

The combat simulator affiliate program

Okay, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. From our website, this information about the affiliate program:

And you make money by sending them to our site!
Once a visitor has become a subscriber to Aces High, the referring site is paid a bounty of $5.00, over 33% of the first month's cost. And that's not all, for every month afterward that they remain a subscriber, you receive $2.00 which is almost 15% of the monthly subscriber cost. As an example, if subscribers stay with us 6-8 months you are looking at receiving almost $20 for each subscriber over time.

An added incentive!

We all know that a lot of visitors to a flight simulator site don’t buy their first time they visit. So Aces High is going to keep each referred visitor’s information on record for 45 days. That means that if a visitor is referred from your site and becomes a subscriber within 45 days of the original visit- you will get paid. What a deal!

It's Easy & Free to Join
There's no charge to participate. In fact, we pay you! Aces High uses Commission Junction as our affiliate program software. It’s the best program in the world and you will get paid easier and faster than any other program. Every time a customer you refer buys from our site, you earn a percentage of the sale! The tools we provide make it easy to links to your site, and our online reports let you track every sale in real-time.

Now there are even more ways to get paid as an affiliate. You can link to specific areas within the Aces High site or simply link to our home page. You get paid on all subscriptions sold from your site. You can even add text links to your site and get paid on all resulting sales. And Aces High uses Commission Junction as its affiliate software application- the best in the world and the easiest program to earn money on.

How does it work?
As an affiliate, you decide what type of link you want to Aces High. You can use the Aces High logo, banner, or text links. No matter what you do, you earn commissions on any subscriptions sold as a result of your link to Aces High!

A final word about Aces High and HiTech Creations

Leading the way in gaming for twenty-three years. We will let our track record speak for itself. Strap on your flight helmet and fly the skies with Aces High.

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