Assigning Key Commands
Aces High clipboard main menuFor this exercise, we will go offline. Go ahead and select Offline Practice from the clipboard menu.
Getting to the Aces High Options menu selctionOnce in the tower, select Options, from the clipboard.
Aces High map controllers selection menuAt the next menu, select Controls.
Aces High keyboard mapping menu selectionNow to the fun. Select Map Keys.
Aces High virtual keyboard mapping tool.
A new dialog panel will open when you select KEYBOARD MAP as shown above. This is where you can map keys to commands in Aces High.
You will note several commands not mapped to the keyboard. Only the most critical commands are already mapped for you. Mapping command is a simple process.
  • Select the command you wish to map or change
  • Press the key(s) on the keyboard you wish to assign to that command
  • Press the Set Key button
And that is it!

Let's talk about the various categories in the key mapper.

Gunner: These deal with the commands available to gunners.
Vehicle: These are the command available when you are driving a ground vehicle.
Chute Keys: These commands concern you when you have bailed from a plane or vehicle.
Flight Keys: All the commands available pertaining to flight.
View Keys: Commands which control your views in the game.
Global Keys: Commands available almost all the time.

Now, if you try to map a key which is already mapped, the game will warn you about it, but allow you to map it to the new command and remove the mapping from the old command.

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