Mapping Joystick Buttons

If you prefer a video, then please visit our Youtube channel to see how to configure your joystck.

In this section, we cover how to map commands in the game to various buttons on your joystick. By default, the game maps basic functions such as primary and secondary fire to the first and second buttons on your joystick.
You may want to change or add more.
Aces High Menu options on the clipboard from the towerFrom the tower, select Options from the clipboard.
Selecting the right command from the Aces High clipboardAfter pressing Options a menu appears as shown on the right.
Now select Controls, then Map Controllers.

Aces High joystick mapping and command menus
Pretty intense looking huh?
Do not let the number of buttons overwhelm you. It is not difficult to master this and I am sure you will have it under control in no time at all.

Let's talk about what you are seeing here. On the left we have a mess of buttons. If you press a button on your stick, or move a hat, you will see the corresponding button/hat light up in the panel. Pretty neat!

See the check boxes in the upper right side? Those represent command groupings in the game. Makes it easier to get a handle on and find the command you want to map.

Let's map a button to show you how simple it is. Notice we are on the Global commands listing. The first command in that list is the Check 6 Call. This command allows you to send a Check 6 Call to a friendly pilot warning him/her there is an enemy plane on his/her tail.

Find a button on your joystick, other than the triggers and press it. Look at the panel on the left and you will see a button light up when you press a button on the stick.

After lighting up a button, take your mouse and select the Check 6 Call. Once it is highlighted, press the Set Button button and the button will be mapped!
Wasn't that simple?

Now, what about those Set 1, Set 2, Set 3, and Set 4 columns?
Those allow you to map a different set of commands to the same buttons. For instance, you might map all the flight commands in the Set 1 column. Then map all the vehicle commands in the Set 2 column.
To access the Set 1 mapping, you would issue the Select Set 1 command. This would select the mappings in Set 1. Use the Select Set 2 command to change the mapping to Set 2 and so on.

NOTE: The Select Set # commands are not mapped at all, by default, so you must map them to either a keyboard key, or joystick button, or both.

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